Welcome to my web site.

I was born and raised in Colorado, however I have lived and worked in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee. My formal education ended up with a MBA not a MFA, still, photography is a serious pursuit, a medium by which I try to tell a story or share a view of a life experience.

My fondest memories are from the times spent in the mountains of Colorado camping and fishing with my family as I grew up. It was a time when kids could ride in the back of an old pickup truck with the dog, the tent, and the fishing poles. Following my Dad, Grandfather, or cousin up a mountain stream to a favorite trout hole developed my love of the outdoors. Growing up in the west help shape my interest in the natural beauty of the outdoors. Over time, I've developed a deep appreciation for the abandoned structures, cars, trucks, and dirt roads that rest in the unpopulated areas of life.

For those into photography; my camera of choice is a large format 4X5 Ebony camera or a Chamonix 4X5. Almost all the images on my web site were shot with a 4X5 camera. There is something almost Zen like when you put the dark cloth over your head and view the world upside down and backwards on the ground glass. I still have my Hasselblad, Nikon F100, Noblex 150, and yes a digital SLR a Nikon D800E that I mainly use for proofing shots for the 4X5 and actions shots of my Grandkids in sports.

I am always happy to talk about photography, the West, the Mountains of Colorado and Tennessee or about the old abandoned things we have left behind to tell the stories of our past. Feel free to contact me at:
cbradford@havcowp.com or

Thanks for visiting my site!
Press On.....Chuck